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Asbestos Health Risks

The harmful impact of asbestos exposure has been observed well over a century ago. But, it was in the late 1950s and early 1960s, that a link between asbestos and lung cancer was clearly established.

The primary risk to human health is airborne asbestos. Asbestos fibres, unlike man-made fibres such as glass fibre, can be split into extremely thin fibres. Roughly 300,000 asbestos fibres would equal the width of a human hair!

Because the fibres are so thin, they can remain suspended in air, unseen, for extended periods of time.

When asbestos-laden air is inhaled, the fibres can settle deep in the lungs. While lungs can remove inhaled dust particles, asbestos fibres are long (compared to ordinary dust), and much more difficult for the body to remove. Asbestos fibres can remain in the lungs for years, even decades.

Asbestos Related Diagnoses

Symptoms of asbestos related diseases can often take many years to appear. Even if detected early, available medical treatments rarely provide good outcomes.

Diseases known to be linked to asbestos exposure include:

Given the serious health risks of asbestos, avoiding any exposure is extremely important.

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