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Emergency Cleanup and Restoration

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Need help cleaning up after water or flood damage to your home or business?

Tackling cleanup after water damage can be overwhelming and exhausting. Without proper protective equipment, a DIY cleanup can actually be harmful to your health.

Call us to get the help you need. We have the staff, skills, and equipment to do a safe and thorough cleanup.

Prompt water cleanup helps protect your health by combating mold growth. And limits further damage to your building contents and structure.

After the initial cleanup, planning for reconstruction and restoration can begin. Our skilled tradespeople stand ready to complete any demolition, repair and reconstruction needed to restore your building to its' original condition.

Call Barry at 902.350.2929 to get help on your cleanup and restoration.

Step 1 - Emergency Response Cleanup

During this cleanup process we maintain negative air unit to ensure airborne contaminants do not spread outside the impacted area. And, our staff wear full personal protection equipment (PPE).

Our comprehensive cleanup consists of:

Step 2 - Construction Repair and Restoration

We can work with you to develop a reconstruction plan to restore to your building to its' original condition.

Our repair and reconstruction expertise includes:

Complete cleanup and restoration of flooded basement

Working 'Safe' is Paramount

The safety of all building occupants (you, your family, your staff and our staff) guides all cleanup decisions.

To prevent air-borne contamination from spreading, the work area is sealed off, and negative air units are maintained. Our team arrives equipped with full PPE, and commercial-grade cleaning equipment.

Years of Experience

Jaspro Environmental has extensive experience in specialized cleaning projects, ranging from cleanup after water damage (prevention of mold growth), and safe removal of mold if/when present.

Following site stabilization, we can also perform the formal restoration of your property.

Project Management

You will have a dedicated project manager and contractor to plan and coordinate your restoration project. We will maintain active communication about the project progress and next steps. You will be confident the work is done to the highest standard - no shortcuts taken.

Insurance Claims

We will assist, as necessary, to assist you in your insurance claim.

Our Staff

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Concerned about living or working in the presence of mold? Mold spores can develop quickly after water damage. A real health risk.

Call 902.350.2929 to effectively kill mold - and stop further growth and spread of mold spores.

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