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Asbestos Testing and Risk Assessment

Are you concerned that you live or work in a building where asbestos might be present? Jaspro Environmental is qualified to complete a thorough site inspection to determine whether asbestos is present, and the risk it may pose to your health.

When conducting a site assessment, we are looking for asbestos materials in two forms: friable and non-friable. It is the friable (easily crumbled) category where asbestos fibres are more likely to become a harmful airborne dust.

How do we identify asbestos in buildings?

The first step is a site visit, to conduct a visual inspection of the building. Particular attention is given to areas known to likely have asbestos containing products such as insulation, and mechanical systems.

Certain materials, such as asbestos cement shingles, can be readily identified by knowledgeable people. However, for many construction applications identification is not ‘easy’. As noted earlier, ceiling tiles containing asbestos are not visibly different than those not containing asbestos.

Testing is the one reliable way to establish the presence of asbestos. Jaspro will take samples of suspect materials and have them analyzed. Testing also determines the type of asbestos; information needed to choose the most suitable technique for cleanup.

We will review the report results with you. If the presence of asbestos has been established, we will help you understand the level of risk, and recommend a course of action.

We will also provide you with a cost estimate for the removal, and cleanup of asbestos.

Assessing Health Risks of Asbestos Exposure

The level of risk from asbestos containing materials varies by the type of asbestos present, use and overall condition, and frequency of exposure.

Workers employed in the building construction, renovation and demolition services, where asbestos products are likely to be found (and disturbed), are at greatest risk of exposure to asbestos, and possible harm to health.

Generally, occupants of buildings, residences, offices or other facilities where asbestos-containing products have been installed are at significantly lower risk. But occupants are at significant risk when:

If after reviewing the report, and you decide to proceed with removal, we will explain the asbestos removal process.

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If testing shows contaminants are present, we can prepare a cost estimate for its removal, at no charge to you.

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