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Asbestos Removal (Abatement)

Reviewing the analytical test reports, Jaspro Environmental Services can determine the appropriate handling technique to be used. For example, some asbestos types have higher fibre counts, and then require different and more costly respirators for the workers.

Asbestos Removal Preparation

Safe and effective asbestos removal requires a thorough site assessment, careful planning, and following stringent removal techniques.

Work Area preparation steps include:

Worker Protection

Personal protective equipment is required for all persons working in area where asbestos is being removed. The equipment includes:

Required for all construction work and most maintenance work around friable asbestos. The most important type of protection is, of course, the respirator. The type of respirators used depends on the type of asbestos being removed.

Protective clothing
Workers wear protective clothing to prevent asbestos fibres from being carried around on the clothing. Workers change from street clothes to protective clothing in a designated change area. Other protective equipment such as eye protection or hard hats may also be necessary.

Asbestos Removal Process

Once the work area has been prepared, and staff equipped with protective gear, all identified asbestos is carefully removed, and placed in approved, tightly sealed bags.

Care is taken to ensure proper negative air pressure is maintained inside the work area to keep asbestos fibres contained.

At the end of the cleanup, all bagged asbestos is removed from the site and disposed of in accordance to provincial regulations. Similarly, single-use protective gear is also properly disposed of.

Work area protective coverings and enclosures are removed. Air handling equipment disassembled.

Any furniture and fixtures moved from the area, are returned to their original location.

Final inspection is conducted to ensure everything 'back to normal'.

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Source: Asbestos Training Manual, Pinchin LeBlanc

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